So we went last night to watch the movie Thirteen that is playing at the Princess One. All I have to say is what a fabulous no a fantastic, no wait what a fabulously fantastic movie. I didn’t know if it because the movie is kinda close to home, or if it is that the movie is well made, but I just can’t get it out of my mind. Every scene and camera shot is burned vividly into my thoughts and when I try to do other stuff, to think about something else I simply can’t. I won’t get into the details of it simply because if I was you and hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t want to know, and I would have stopped reading, but this was a movie that captured my full attention and has had my full attention ever since. I say it is close to home, because it shows the way that it was when I was this age, people actually did these things then and it is interesting to see that things haven’t changed much halfway across a continent. Any way I will stop before I turn in to those people that I hate that blither on and on about the characters and about how the plot is expanded and blaaa blaaa bllaaa. But if I were to ever teach a class about movie making, or effective story telling, (not that I am an expert) this would be the text book. GO SEE IT!