• Blog
  • Count comments from last week and make a shopping list
    • Blog about that
  • Work
  • Sell one of my ipods to dude from Craigslist
  • Walk down to the bank
  • Get my tire from the tire place
  • avoid work by flickring snowboarding photos
  • Blog about shooting with wide open lenses
  • Go to the New Media BC thing at the blackfrog.
  • Finish Working
  • Prepare for early morning meetings followed by perhaps an afternoon of snowboarding?

edit – 12:24am ok so not a lot got done on said list but i did drink a lot and meet lots of cool peeps!! That has to count for somethong today

i will finish stuff tomorrowo but thaat means nnnnooo snowboaaarfinfg  for me but i zm ok with   thzzzt

7 thoughts on “Things To Do

  1. More snowboarding needed!

    I’m definitely looking forward to your post about wide open lenses. Definitely curious about that.

    BTW I just did up a snowboarding vid from Baker on Sunday.. let me know what you think. http://www.vimeo.com/2550479

    P.S. A few of us are going up to Cypress tomorrow night. Hope you can make it, drunkie ;)

  2. @justin ya it really is also a bad idea to drunk blog from an iPhone :)

    @VancityAllie Awesome video that was shot with Nikon? Ya i am so going to hit the hill tomorrow I am sure we will see ya there :)

  3. Yup, it was shot with the Nikon D90 :D

    Was that you that left me a message this morning? Yup I am going up tonight (Thursday) in about an hour and a half. Woo!

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