So on Friday night after work Miranda grabbed me from downtown and we went to the E&C to have beers with Cory who was in town. It was fun to see Cory again. It was sort of like he had never really left it was just like old times we were even sitting in the same table and the same drinks and the same old everything. It was sorta odd. We also got to meet the girl that Asylus has been yacking about for a while, the very same girl that causes the entire shoe fiasco:) It was good times however I only had like three beers and I was pretty pissed. We got home at about 3 in the morn or so. At 6 in the morn I had planed to go out and about with mike and doing some photos of various things around Edmonton and we had agreed that he should call at about 6 when he was ready to come over. Well he called and me being the trooper of a photographer I hauled my drunk ass out of bed and went out for some photos. It was damn cold. But we may have some cool shots of refinery row. Time will tell. :) At about 9 or so Mike and I decided that their was far to much snow and the it was to damn cold so we called it a morning and I came home and slept back in again till around 11. I got up again and got ready for my photo shoot with Arianna after running across the river to pick her up we started our shoot at corona station and worked our way towards City hall. We were expecting it to be a slow day with very few people and that we would have the downtown area to ourselves. Well it seems that there was some sort of religious conference being held in the hotels and such in the area. There was, according to the guy at the Greek donair place, over 6000 people at this crazy God conference. So needless to say there was very little in the way of solitude for us and our photos. At about five we called it quits and I drove Arianna home and immediately came home to get ready to go for diner with Aslyus and another coworker of thiers from Montr?al. We grabbed Aslyus and met up at Savoy on whyte. Man what a swanky place that is. I have never been but it was filled with all kinds of pretty people :) After dinner Sundancer and I rented Pirates of the Caribbean. ArRrr

Sunday I woke up at 10 or 11ish and proceeded to get ready for another model that I had booked in, but she was late so we had an entire afternoon that was free so Sundancer and I went to the SPCA and got a new kitten. She is a cute kitten that looks a lot like Darwin :) We got her because Darwin has been so lonely as of late and now that I am working he is even lonelier. So we got him Luna (Photos to come)
We went out and picked up Roy and Jessie from there swanky new pad and came back to wait for the GB’s Well Erin and Mel from the GB’s You see we offered to Help them build a press package CD. So we burnt and printed and sprayed 40 Cds, drank some beer, played with kitten, and bitched about the weather :) Good times were had. Any way ya
I go now