Well This weekend was supposed to be a weekend filled with all kinds of photo shoots with models, band photos galore, and a chance to get caught up on a bunch of stuff. However with the exception of the band photos, this all utterly failed to happen. Lets start on Friday night.

Friday Night.
After work I came home and got prepared to go to a show which ended up in Miranda and I having a nap until Roy came over at 7:30ish We got ready for real and went to Seedy’s to See Nothing At All and The Hometeam It was a good show for sure but indecline said doors at 8pm and well Roy and got there at about 8 and there was no one else to be found. So we thought that we would pass the time by drinking copious amount of beer. Seemed like a good idea :) So ya The Hometeam rocked

Roy bought a CD and a t-shirt. But that is not to say that Nothing at all didn’t rock as well.

I finally talked to Ajax (indecline name I forgot his real one Please refer to the mention of the copious amounts of beer above) and they are totally into doing some photo stuff. I think (again refer above) I think that they are going to drop me a call in the near future.
After the show the bar got pretty dead so roy and I sat and finished our beer and wandered home and passed out.

So the alarm went off at 9am and I stumbled out of bed and started to clean and get ready for a model that I was to shoot. Cleaning, Stumbling, Drinking lots of water, but I check my email and I see that she will be either delayed or may have to re-schedule due to an emergency. Now I was disappointed a little but in a way it was good cause I was far to hung-over to take any good photos. So back to bed I go :) Besides it was an emergency and she took the time to email me at 3:40 something in the morning.
Miranda and I went to a movie and the metro and cared for our sickly kitty (Darwin) Crashed out a little early and work up at nine this morning.

I started getting ready for the model that I was to have at 10 who has yet to email/call/smoke signal that she isn’t into coming. So I am not sure what that is about but I had the afternoon free so Miranda and I did some stuff abut the city.
When we got home I started thinking about different Product shots that I could take and well…

But Anyway I have to be at work at 7 tomorrow so I best get to bed.