So yesterday after I dropped the shuttle people and M off in Devon, after the trailer was stashed in its home to while away the hours eagerly awaiting the return of the canoes, I ran over to Mikes and picked him up for a picture taking frenzy. We started of by going to a registry office so mike could renew his license, and stopping for a bite to eat but by 2 o’clock we were ready and willing to go hard at getting some good shots. We started of with the idea that we would go to the Muttart Conservatory, and spend the afternoon photographing flowers, exotic cacti, and other odd plants. So we get there and the folk fest that is next door has parking people that are there to stop people from parking in the wrong area’s, and well I think that the lady that we had the pleasure of speaking to didn’t believe us when we said that we were there for the Muttart. A long story short we had leave and try it again another day. So after a spot of driving we decided that we would wander around Whyte ave, but when i was driving to park on the back streets we saw that the doors to the underground tunnel near Keggans where open we dropped all ideas that we had of Whyte Ave fired our fat asses over to the tunnel.

Inside this tunnel is the most amazing graffiti that you will find in Edmonton I am sure. We waited for about five minutes for the train to go through the tunnel and we made the trek inwards. In side the walls are covered from about 6 to 8 feet off the ground in layers upon layers of graffiti.

There is a lot of tags and such but there is a unbelievable amount of great full fledged mural sized works here, including words, pictures, and a mix of both. As we were wondering deeper inwards we saw another fellow with a camera and a tripod coming from the other end.

It turns out that he is a NAIT student and he had a Canon D60 and speedlite and was doing the exact same thing as mike and I. So we chatted for a bit about cameras, technique, and other stuff and continued on in opposite directions. After about an hour or what not we were told to leave by a nice man that worked with the train shuttle, which we did because we aren’t Assholes or anything.

But there is a few shots that are to come and this is by far not even scratching the surface of what’s in there. We are going to have to make a return trip with flashlights and flash umbrellas to get some good shots of more works in there. We decided that we would spend some time at the University looking for good shots but that is another story that is soon to come.