I am getting sick. It is that sleepy groggy feeling that is accompanied by a really sore throat and the distinct smell of cigarettes. I am not kidding when I get sick all I can smell is cigarettes, It is funny cause I always get the really sore throat after going to the bar and hanging out in the in the smoke. I think there may be a connection. I need to have a good sleep to get over it but they are doing all kinds of construction in the space beneath us so sleeping during the day, not so good. But enough of my whining and complaining.

I am at work right now (you knew that thought because that is the only time that I blog) but I only am here for a few hours. Yesterday I had a photo shoot with The Swifty’s a country band from here in Edmonton. They picked me up and we drove all over the countryside trespassing on different farm sites and what have you. I have a few great shots from the day like this one

Other then that I have been working like a dog to finish the wedding and engagement shoots that I have had and trying really hard to get the photo shoot that I had with Andrea finished and out. Maybe after I get home tonight. :)

Oh and how is the new font size working for ya D?

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