So after years of craving and yearning for the joy and freedom that only a scooter can give, I have finally given in to the temptation and jumped head first and taken the scooter plunge! Although some of you already know her, I would like everyone to meet Sally (named from the previous owner Kimli, not that Sally is a bad name or anything I think that I would have named her Sally my self given the chance I am just giving this information in cause you are wondering where the name Sally came from. I have been thinking about getting a WWI fighter plane style Sally Sticker for the front or something but that may be a bit cheese.) Sally meet my cat!

Sassy Sally

Sally is a 50cc Honda Jazz that is prepared to take me anywhere for the price of a cup of coffee! I have already drove it all over the damn place and the gage hasn’t moved.

Sassy Sally Sexy Speedo

I have said it before and I can now say it with authority Scooters make the best photo wander machines. You can cover all sorts of territory in no time and you can pull them over anywhere, although Sally was the subject of the photos today. Oodles of room under the seat for jackets and cameras as well I can stick my camera in the front basket, well sorta.

Sassy Sally

I was nervous about traffic at first but after a few stop lights and a left turn or two I was feeling comfortable with the whole thing and there is comradely between scooter riders including full nods & smiles get exchanged between complete strangers. (sorta like VW’s) I am no longer traffic that is separated from pedestrians! Yesterday while waiting in traffic, I was approached by a girl as to where I procured my T-Shirt (I am a rocker I rock out) this wouldn’t have happened if I was behind the car barrier there was nothing to prevent her from chatting. People in cars like to talk to; it is a completely social experience riding a scooter.

Sally truly is the best thing that I have ever driven!

Sassy Sally

4 thoughts on “The rise of Sassy Sally the Sexy Scooter!

  1. I must know where you got this one! I love the colour and the flower! Please email me.

  2. Hello, I purchased a scooter exactly like this one! EXACTLY two weeks ago. I love it. I got a really great deal with only 400k on it! I have yet to really drive it in busy traffic though… freaks me out. When you drive yours, do you stay if the traffic lanes or veer off to the side near the bike lanes?

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