Well I thought that early morning phone calls from the police were a thing that was locked far far far away in my distant past. (Have a few beers with D & I and we will tell you all about it) That would however seem to be NOT to be the case this particular morning. I was up last night till my usual 4:30ish assembling the days Ikea purchases (another story to be sure) and I crashed out with an alarm set for 8ish but the phone woke me up first. I didn’t feel like answering it so I did what my mother taught me I watched it ring and listened to the msg after. The msg was the VPD informing me that my car had been busted into and that if I didn’t talk to them soon they were going to tow my car for “safe keeping” (now if they had towed my car I am not sure who would be paying for that but I can only assume that it would be me.) After a frantic scurrying to jot the number, (see prev post about the 10 min required pre task finding session) I was calling them back and letting them know that my car wouldn’t be needing any “safe keeping” and I went out to assess the damage. This is what I found.

That isn’t a rock, it is a bloody bolder! It is the dictionary definition of over kill. The Window is over 30 years old how much force is really required to bust it. All said and done the criminal masterminds got off with a box off broken beetle parts and some tools. (and for those that know our car the box they took was also my seat holder upper.) The good news is that the glass is a mere 30 bux and I am sure that I can install it my self.
I Love VeeDubs!