Ok now it is my turn! I to will simply sponge of the elegance that is Kimli’s writing! I couldn’t have described it better! So go here and read this. Yup The Met Pub in Gastown has to be the worst bar in the history of bars!! I have been in some really crappy places in my time and this is now number one my bad place to go and have a beer!! Absolutely the worst place in history for Karaoke in Vancouver! Seriously don’t take my word for it read everybody else’s account Coaxial says “the met pub in vancouver is a truly unfortunate establishment.” I agree!! Shan from then by music had this to say in her modified version of why the met can suck it. “if slutty boob-jiggling clones is all they want for clientele, they can have them.” Yup they were all little clones of each other! I swear it was some sort of research project and they were all the unfortunate outcome!! A very Sassy Contessa said “The Met Karaoke is not first come first served, the regulars have the run of the show – most likely due to giving the bartender head in the flooded bathroom” The Weasel says “The Met is still a sketchy Hastings bar filled with toothless drunks and various rubby-dubs “ As a visiting Albertian A said that “The Met Pub in Vancouver was not an enjoyable experience” Kimli says “The Met Pub in Gastown fucking sucks and isn’t worth going to, even if you’re slumming or on the prowl for a wretched one night stand. I don’t care who you are; you can do better. “ Yup Man on sober reflection I still can not believe it! The Met Pub in Gastown = The Suck! It’s a downtown east side shite hole that is no different then any of the other heroin houses that you will find off East Hastings. DO NOT GO THERE!!! Don’t let the “Gastown” address fool you! it is a East Hastings crack bar like all the rest!

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