So our cats that we all know and love get a thrill out of hanging out in odd places. Since we moved almost everything out of our house the oddness of their hang outs has become more apparent. The following photos have all been taken today and they are not setup or anything in any way. These are simply places that I have found a cat today.

Now other than the usual places that you would expect to find a cat there are a few that I understand.

The Closet
Here we have Darwin hanging out in the clothes in the closet. This is a favorite hang out of Darwin’s and by proxy a hang out for Luna as well.

Then there are the ones that I don’t understand.

The Kitchen Island

Usually the focal point of activity in most houses, the cats both enjoy the island as a meeting place. I think that they plan their mischievousness for the day there.

Now when you add a warm fuzzy hoodie to the kitchen island you have a meeting place & a nap place.

Sometimes those naps can get well… out of hand.

And let us not forget the stools. Anyone who has been to our place knows that she loves the stools. I actually get her a stool and set her on it when I am doing a photo shoot in studio ’cause she stays put.

The Door
Now our kittens are very much like puppies in that they hang out at the door waiting for us to get home. Today is no exception – I come home and walk in to find Luna waiting for me. But she couldn’t wait for me on the cold hard floor, no no we find Luna on my camera bag the only thing around.

The Window
We also have a long window ledge that they can look out the window on and run along and such.

The Office

Now the other place that Luna likes to hang out is under my desk on my footstool.

Darwin also likes to hang in the office but he enjoys a much loftier perch to call his own. He jumps up to the top of the wall and like the king he is sits and looks down on the world.

Now when Luna is in the office with me chances are she isn’t sitting on my lap or on the monitor – she is sitting on me, my mouse, keyboard. You know… in the way.

She is far too lazy to chase this mouse.

She would much rather nap on my hand while I rest it down.

Lets not forget Luna’s favorite place to hang out in the house. Anywhere that I am! If I am at my desk or in bed or at the island you can be sure that Luna will be there with me.