Today I shot with a model named Alicia whom I have worked with a number of times, but always on standard ordinary commercial catalog shoots. Today I really wanted to play with all my film cameras and such so 85% of the shoot was shot on old cameras. This is a just a smattering of the few digital/Polaroid shots that I took today. I will get more up when the film gets all developed.

Some Canon 5d shots

These are from the Polaroid Land Camera shooting Fuji FP100C

Type 600 shot on the SX70

More Polaroid Land Camera shooting Fuji FP100C

This is the analog product of the day. We have just about every (good) kind of film format known to man :) 120, 35, Type 600, Pack film, Type 55, etc…

Anywho I am off to a pub for food.

8 thoughts on “The Film Photoshoot Day

  1. alicia is the kind of beautiful girl that if i saw her walking down the street, i’d be too insecure to approach her and would forever after punch myself in the face for not having done so. great pictures. alicia, if you read this, c’mon baby. we can make it work. i don’t care that you’re way hotter than me.

  2. Funny, I was thinking of taking some shots down at the train yards off of Main Steet. It looks really rusty and dirty in there, probably a great place to get some grimy looking photos. A nice industrial feel…. Good work man.

  3. Wow great shots. I love the different looks as well. Personally I dig the grainy film look so whenever I try to process my digital shots into B&W or sepia I try to add noise to get that feel.

  4. Hi
    I came across your website because I was trying to find cameras to buy that accept the fuji film fp 100 c. Any recommendations ? Thank you.
    ps: love your photos

  5. Thanks for the info Brent! However I am not sure that you are all that Exclusive for Beau photo and other are also stocking the goods :)

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