So My first drone was an original Mavic Pro and I loved it! It was everything that I wanted in a drone and it worked great! I honestly would still be flying it if it wasn’t stolen.

DJI Mavic Pro (the Original)

When I replaced it I did the research and I thought that going with the New Mavic Air would be the way to go. It was smaller and it had better video specs etc. Since buying that drone I have hated it. Every time I flew it I had to spend half my first battery Calibrating compasses and updating firmware, rebooting it till it would let me fly. Once I would finally get it in the air it was always kind of wonky. It wouldn’t hover in one place but instead drift around like a drunk on St Paddy’s Day. I could never fly very far enough with out the drone loosing connection and freaking the fuck out. While I think that Visual Line Of Sight flying is obviously best but I don’t think could have gotten out of sight with out it losing the connection if I tried. No where near the stability of the much older and more ‘obsolete’ Mavic Pro I had before. Nothing was so awful at first that it was a deal breaker. I would fight and swear but fly it none the less. But as time went on the wonkiness would turn to just plain old frighteningly unstable. I would launch it in a field and it would be less then 50 meters away and it would loose connection and do an awkward autonomous return to home maneuver.. I would have 12-18 satellites and it wouldn’t fly because the signal wasn’t good enough. It’s follow me mode was the scariest of them all with it randomly flying at the thing it was following at full speed only stop when it was a meter away. Or the latest which I had a lot of the other day with the Jeep just not follow at all. Lock on and slowly move towards the object but in reality and just watch you leave like I was Bruce Banner hitchhiking my way though the credits. This is all a long winded way to say that I flew it less and less and eventually hardly at all. well the last time I flew it this happened all on its own. There was no input from the controller on my end it just did this with its own free will.

Yup that was it flying straight into the garage and crashing :|

It crashed but good!

4 thoughts on “The End Of The Mavic Air

  1. Wow I have not heard of so many problems with a mavic air. I have 2 and my81 year old mom has one no problems for 2 years . I don’t fly them much since I bought the mavic air 2 .maybe you just got a bad model . My phone number is 541 875 2549 if you would like more information Drone Rone ! ! !

  2. Had 2 mavic Airs for years…over 300 flights between them and the only thing that ever went wrong was because of user error.

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