So I roll my ass out of bed this morning my usual 5 min to the time that I am to drive my darling wife to work, I fall into my clothes, and grab my keys and we are off. Miranda who I am sure has been up for a least an hour is all ready to go and is tapping her foot at the door while I groggily find my way into my shoes. We walk down the stairs get in to the car, fire it up, push the garage door opener for our parkade, wait for the door. still waiting for the door, The door hasn’t responded, punch the button again, and wait for the door, nothing. MMmmmm…. It is at this time that my sleepy mind has begun to ask all those really hard questions that need to be asked when auto pilot simply isn’t working :)
Brain: Hey why are we just sitting here?
Body: The door isn’t opening.
Brain: Why isn’t the door opening?
Body: I looks like its broken…
you get the idea… to make this silly story end slightly quicker, our garage door to our underground parking stopped working this morning. No big deal except we were unable to get our car out of the garage. It was fixed later that day but I am sure glad that I didn’t need to be anywhere this morning.
I am burning Cd’s like crazy I have burnt about 32 cd’s in the last few days in an effort to reclaim some of my 100gig of HD space. I have many Cd’s left to go. Nothing really exciting today, I got new prints from McBain Camera and made them redo some of the crappy ones from my last order. Worked some more on B-plan and Websites took some more photos of the odd mail box all relatively unexciting