Ahh yes the Days before digital camera’s I would like to take everyone on a trip in the way back machine so let’s all climb on board. Is everyone in? Mind your fingers and toes! Alright I would like to roll back to the days before digital photography was even a term. Back to the time when photography required patience! Back when you had to wait (sometimes for weeks) for your photos to be developed and returned to you, only to find out that you cut the tops of people’s heads of in every shot (Damn That Parallax Error) Now imagine someone saying that you don’t have wait forever to see your photos. What if I told you that you could see them Instantly!! welcome to the heyday of the “Instant Camera”. I heart Polaroid’s!!! In fact I spend way to much time energy and money playing with a medium that is guaranteed to give me inferior image quality, filled with caustic paste that will quite possibly cause cancer in any rats that may eat our garbage, and look remarkably like it was taken in 1977 even if it was this afternoon, but damn it is so cool! Now ask anyone who loves playing with instant fun what the coolest Polaroid ever made was and they will most likely tell you that about the SX70. I wont go into detail about all the things that made the SX70 and the time zero film cool because it was a little bit before my time! however I have modded (its not much of a mod really I removed the ND filter and I scale the lighten darken slider to darken) my camera to be able to use the regular Polaroid 600/779 . This is by far the coolest 1970’s camera Polaroid ever made, it is jam packed with ahead of its time features! To start the camera is a SLR meaning what you see is what you get! No parallax anything! second the camera focuses via the large Sonar disk a the top so it can focus in the dark well! It has a flash system that I unfortunately don’t have so when its dark out the SX70 just has ridiculously long shutters (like over a min sometimes) but with the right colour filtration you can make any Polaroid long exposure look awesome! Expect to see a lot more of this in upcoming days!

2 thoughts on “The Coolest Polaroid Camera has to be the SX70

  1. I think I cried a little when i heard that the Time-Zero film wasn’t going to be made anymore.
    can’t wait to get home to try to 600 film in the SX-70.

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