Cobalt Motor Hotel

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Aperture: 1.2 Shutter: 1/40 Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L ISO: 400 Date Taken: April.11.2010

This shot is from a walk about I did last Saturday night. I was walking home from Cambie & Broadway (yes it was a bit of a walk but i like walking places) where we all had a glorious dinner of many yummy things like Mashed Potatoes, and spicy chickens.  I took this about 1am and it looked like the party was winding down outside the ‘club‘ that is the cobalt hotel. Now I have never been inside the cobalt but i have it under good authority (meaning this tiger) that it is a ‘great‘ place to see bands. However, the words GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS that are written in flashing Christmas lights above the main door lead me to believe otherwise.  This was shot hand held from across the street using the 5d mark II and a 50mm f/1.2.

My future intent is to do more hand held late night photo wanders. I know that this might sound super cliche, but the world is a completely different place at night and really high usable ISO’s are going to allow me to capture more of it. I also find it interesting that with the exception of this small group of people & a couple riding a bike, I saw no one other then security guards on my entire walk home. I saw like 10 extremely bored looking security guards and 11 regular people. Just my observation. Anyway think it may be crash time for this guy.

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