It is the sign of a true artist if you wait till the last minute to submit your artist proposal on the day of the deadline from a crowded bar right? That is what I just did here at On the Edge Pub in Gastown. We are crammed in to watch Canada Kick some US ass & while drinking beer with a laptop I officially tossed in my name to be considered! If you haven’t already you need to RSVP for this show! I could tell you all about it but this video will be far more coherent then this jerk in a bar will :)

The Cheaper Show

The Cheaper Show No. 9 from T

he Cheaper Show on Vimeo.

Now back to the beer :)

3 thoughts on “The Cheaper Show

  1. hi, i just stumbled onto your website.
    i really liked your cameras!! and all the photos!
    i’m trying to get hang of mine :).

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