So I did end yup getting out of work early and I decided that I would wonder about and take some pictures so after a quick stop at home I was off. Now I made a discovery today that makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it earlier. A discovery so profound that I am left speechless, but first some background….
When I am wondering out and about taking photos I am hassled by all kinds of people from security guards that are power tripping, to homeless people that are angry that I have a nice camera, to people who yell at me because they think that I am taking a photo of them. (it is rarley true). But by far the the biggest pain when I am wondering out and about is having to deal with the talkative people! The talkative person feels they should tell me what I should and should not take pictures of. “hey you should totally take a picture of my ass!!” or Hey buddy take a picture of this (Insert random dumb and probably sexually lude item here) Or my favorite to date is “hey I will let you take pictures of me and him naked” Now in all these instances with the exception of the last my gut response is to fire back some witty comment about they should either pick up a camera, or shut the fuck up. However, instead I give a fake little laugh and some sort of polite comment that doesn’t offend. So with that background out of the way we can move on to the discovery made today. That discovery was Headphones! We bought a Discman recently and I have been listening to it in my travels and today was the first out and about photo extravaganza that I have had with the pleasure of headphones. It is great I walked out the door and down the street and immediately there was two home less guys that were tiring to get me to trade my camera for a shoe and get them whiskey I heard every word they said but I didn’t have to acknowledge them in any way cause I had headphones on. I don’t have them turned up so loud that I cant hear the world around me but the homeless guy/talkative guy/security guard doesn’t know that they see head phones and my indifference is explained.. Later I was taking photos of this car

in a random parking lot. There were some guys admiring a new car that one of them had recently purchased. It was a crappy Malabo or some other American over priced mid life crisis car that is really expensive, but has the character of a rock. So I am happily taking pictures of this car

and the guy hollers over to me that I should take a photo of his car. Instead of hollering back that “I wouldn’t waste film on a crappy car”, or “why it’s a stupid car” I just ignored them, I didn’t even acknowledge they had said a word. They aren’t offended because I just didn’t hear them not I heard them I am going to reply with a dumb ass remark or I heard them and choose to ignore them I simply didn’t hear. Not to mention that when you are taking photos of random things bit listening to music everything is profound. It is all perfect and you can see things that you might otherwise miss.