To the Tiger in response to the question “were you an alcoholic” Just say Nah I just thought the idea of spending my Friday nights making an ass of myself, spending too much money, and talking about shit that at the time I was totally sure was the most profound shit ever, was starting to get a little old and tired. The amount of fun that I had on these excursions was always balanced off sharply by the time spent puking in the bathroom sink of some seedy bar while some mullet toting jackass wearing an iamcanadian bandana, is flip flopping between trying to hug me and trying to punch me. This may be a little long for your particular purposes however it is quite explicit.
You may also try “Ya I was but it was the only way that I could kick the heroin”

4 thoughts on “The answer

  1. Happy birthday luv!@!

    Oooh, coming to Van are you? Bringing Miranda with you? I would totally take the ferry over for a visit. You have to meet my model :)

  2. Hey you aquarian you! Happy Birthday! I didn’t know ours were so close together.
    May you grow from a grasshopper into…well whatever it is that grasshoppers grow into.

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