The other day I grabbed a CD from Zoltan the music editor at See magazine,. While there I mentioned that I would love to be able to do other work for them if they had it. He said,
What do you think about food?
I like food
What about restaurants?
The only place I eat!
Would you be into taking photos for the food review section?
Um ya!!

So he forwarded my name off to the editor and they called me the next day to see if I would be into shooting photos of the El Rancho Restaurant, To which I said you bet I would. I called the Restaurant and set up a time to come over and do the photos. I arrive to the El Rancho Restaurant located on 118th and 87th street and the mother/daughter team were tripping over themselves to help me out. They were late in getting to the restaurant and I was thinking man it is going to take them forever to get the food ready I am going to be here a while. (not that it would have been a bad thing) I was getting some of gear set up (well it was two legs of my tripod extended and they came flying out of the kitchen with three plates filled with fantastic looking food.

And with in minutes of that they had another 3 plates and some drinks and the mother was busy cooking something else in the kitchen. I was a bit surprised I guess, I was treated like royalty and I didn’t even do the review. In fact I am not even sure if the review is good or bad. The service that gave me was crazy :) I took photos for a while of the food, of them, and the restaurant, and all the while they continued to make food in the back. They made me this traditional Guatemalan food that was a lot like green onion cakes except they are stuffed with all kinds of things like cheese and cabbage and such very good.

Any who I have a shoot with Jamie tonight and then a few free days that I can sleep a little. I am excited about that.

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