This is a walkabout to the left of work. I hit up an ally behind the main drag and wandered just block or two away. I have to say that I am quite tired of my work hood already as there isn’t many directions to go.

The best part about this day is a guy came running out of a garage or workshop and ‘demanded’ to know why i was filming there shop. I said i wasn’t i was instead filming the telephone box (the one with the shoe on it) to which he responded WHY? My answer of why not wasn’t good enough for him and after a bit more awkward conversation it turns out my NOT SNEAKY AT ALL Cinematic Camera moves made him think that I was casing the joint to break in later….. Let’s recap a moment…. Full Ronin S with a pretty elaborate camera. on top and me doing the heal toe walk with huge sweeping camera motions all to ‘case a joint’ ….. You know instead of sneaking a photo with a cell phone….. I must need a haircut already or something :)

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