Taking a break that is mandated by a fire alarm is not so fun! Yup so at 12:50 today the fire alarm went off which is what fire alarms are want to do, and in our building it happens more often then it should. So today when it went off I wasn’t  all that concerned, I at a leisurely pace got my shoes on and grabbed leashes and bags for our cats, and pulled out the backup server for possible transport,  and all very of this at as is said a very leisurely pace!  Miranda ignored the fire alarm altogether and continued to work on her blog.  Once I have everything ready I went and hung out at the window and contemplated playing a spot of guitar to practice for this weeks jam session! instead i watched the boats out on the water near Canada place, and just basically did everything but evacuate! :)  After a bit when I started to smell smoke I decided that maybe it was time to think about leaving, and after gathering our things (ie: cats, laptops, and backups) we left out the front door and into the crowd.  We meet our clients that we were to meet at 1pm at the front step and chatted as best we could with howling kittens and fire truck sirens. We also got to meet some of our neighbors (which in my experience a fire is the best time to socialize) We even had hobos asking if they can carry our computers for us and when that was denied they then asked us for change! (it would seem that crowds of people are hobo magnets in our neighborhood!) All said and done it would seem that the elevator control box caught on fire and will shut down the elevator for two or three weeks. So that should be fun being that the stairwells are all locked but Anyway I have a meeting, so ya we are fine and the cats are happy to be home!!!

2 thoughts on “Taking a break is fun!

  1. this is why I’m thankful my apartment building has no kind of fire safety whatsoever. Not a single smoke detector or anything in the whole place :)

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