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Picking On Complete Strangers – Walk to Costco

Today Mr. Danger & I went for a quick wander to Costco to get groceries. Which I think is kind of hilarious because just ‘a few’ groceries from costco will result in a very full stroller. Corbin didn’t actually have to cuddle all the way home with an ECONO box of cereal but it was touch and go there for a bit.





Arrows – Multiple Exposures

The other Day when the kiddo wasn’t really interested in napping even though he was a. clearly tired and b. totally sleep crabby we went for a walk about to get coffee and what not. Walks usually make him crash right out. While at The Railtown J.J.Bean I ran into some people that I know from across the way that were taking a break from song writing. Check em’ out!  any way these are photos from the way back :)

Leica M9 Leica M9

More photos from yesterdays walkabout

Walk About to pick on some people

It was a nice day today so I went out for a walk. There were so many busking folks out today so there was plenty of music to guide me along :)

Jerk With A Camera

Yesterday’s walk for coffee

I walk this street a few times a week to go to my fav coffee shop, & I drive it nearly every day  & I never noticed that there is a little ‘park’ just off the street before! :) 


Cobblestones and Cathedrals

Here are some more photos from yesterdays walk about.  It is sorta hard to believe that it was just yesterday that I walked about. I have had a lot of things on the go the last few days so time has that going slowly thing about it.  I have to say that yesterday was the day! I mean I was in the zone, the light was genius, and the weather was swell. I think I ended uploading nearly 70 photos to flickr, so that was a good day. I am noticing now the I track my time, simply how many hours I am putting in taking photos that no one sees. I should start a new photo project called photos that no one sees and upload all my work that was shot over a year ago. Looking at the huge box of film that I have here waiting to be developed I think I would have a large body to pull from :)

Tonight we all hooked up at On The Edge pub for some sort of Four Square gathering. where it was super hot for no real discernible reason. Now I am thinking that I may go for a wander out & about because it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Anyway on to the photos.

These two shots are from those random sections of cobblestone on Hamilton & Hastings street in front of Pappa’s Furs. (which interestingly enough has more cameras pointed at it then any other store in the lower mainland)

Cobblestone road

Cobblestone road

This is the Holy Rosary Cathedral on Dunsmuir & Richards.

Church Of Awesome

you may have noticed that my Black & White streak is getting a little out of hand.  I just like shooting for composition rather then colour, so ya that’s that as they say.

Long Exposures of the Sky Train Tunnels

These are just as the title describes? Long exposures of the New Canada Line Tunnels. The trick is they are from the train :)

Hey The Sky Train Goes Under Ground

Hey The Sky Train Goes Under Ground

Hey The Sky Train Goes Under Ground

Hey The Sky Train Goes Under Ground

But I am exhausted so i will leave it at that :)

The Month of My Olympic 2010 Photowanders

My goal this Olympics was to photo wander and take photos of non Olympic things at Olympic things.

This for example is the ceiling in the BC Hydro PowerSmart Village

Olympic 2010 Photowanders

and this is a vent outside the ridiculously big igloo on Georgia street

Olympic 2010 Photowanders

These are on the beach in false creek

Olympic 2010 Photowanders

This is the Main street Skytrain station.

Olympic 2010 Photowanders


Yup Fun stuff. Now I am hungry so we must go and eat!!

My Favorite Graffiti

This is my absolute favorite graffiti in all of Vancouver! And I guess it would fall in to the category of mural rather then graffiti but I don’t care I like it! :)

Pavment Lightning!

Last week when i was walking to the Lab I found this awesome cross walk. I had to wait for nearly 10 minuets to get a break in the traffic to take this photo but i think it was worth it.