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Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge-January-14,-2015

Hanging at beaches

So in an effort to break from multiple exposures here are some photos from our trek to Third beach the other day.






Playing with Phone Booths

Phone booths for those not in the know are an archaic device in which one could contact people. Presumably when their cell phone was missing :) There are very few phone booths left in the world and this one is stuck out in the dark at Stanley Park.

This first photo the only light is coming from the actual phone booth it’s self. Kinda neat!

With this photo, there happened to be the headlights of a passing car providing back light when the photo was snapped.
Also kinda neat!

Our Friend Was In Town & We…..

… did stuff, like drive to Shannon Falls where I took photos of my shoe….


…and of leafy ferny type plants…..

….and we hung out at beaches at epic sunset……

…with kayakers…..

… and it was fun!

I went for a super long bike ride today…

…that resulted in me seeing the balancing rock guy, and having legs that now want to kill me. All fairly crazy stuff really.  This guy balances rocks for tips I think. At least the hat with money and clippings of his fame all placed out made me think so.   If i could balance a rock I would put out a hat as well.



Mornings Are Swell

Despite the fact that I am a late night kinda guy, I am also one of those dreaded morning people, that everyone is so eager to dislike.  I was mandated to get up early this morning but I was OK with it because as I just said I am a morning person.  Being happy to be awake I took photos to remember the time that the morning and I spent together. Sunrises are swell.



Oh and I mentioned photos today from yesterday. I am working on it.

Busy Busy Days

So it’s only one day after I complained that I am lazy bastard and I get to say that I am moving forward. I think that today would really qualify as at least a good step.  In fact it was a super busy day filled with pure awesome (:  The day started at the early hour of 5:30am with a bit of morning driving about while M was at her weekly cult meeting. While they were toasting kool-aid and such I was chasing the sunrise around.

Harry Jerome Statue with with morning in the back ground…

…and my favorite tree in Stanley park.

Next on the list of awesome today was a photo shoot with a couple of new models that I haven’t worked with before – Leanna and Amie. We had a blast shooting with old cameras, vintage clothes, and some old furniture.

Amie out in the wilds of Vancouver and in the studio.

The same place with Leanna. These four shots are taken with my standard run of the mill Polaroid 600 Camera

I took a few rolls of film that I will drop off to the lab as well but these are a few of the digital shoots from the day.

I think we are going to do a whole fashion inspired chair in random place series.  Mostly because chairs in random places = buckets of awesome! And Buckets of Awesome is what I am all about!

Continuing right along with the awesomeness of the day, I had band jam time in which we did a few takes of our favorite songs. I managed to somehow tear my fingernail half off yesterday on the mountain so I was playing with a bandaged finger. Shan played us a hidden track from a band (I forget the name of the band) where they ‘cover’ Guns and Roses. This prompted us to start playing Bon Jovi and well it all went down hill from there. Luckily the Zoom was recording the hilarity that was our version of Dead Or Alive :)

Walk About In The Fog

I was up and at them really early this morning so i thought that me, a digital camera or two, and a random assortment of film cameras, should go hang out in the dark fog for a bit.  
Coal Harbour marina near the rowing club. This is as shot there was no fancy photoshop work to make the left black, it was just really dark there.

A point on the sea wall in Stanley Park. This was super hard to focus on because it was so dark. It was to far away for me to focus on my laser pointer like I normally do, so in the end I took a few at higher apertures and then I basically focus bracketed about ten photos to make sure that I had it. You can tell that this one is a higher aperture shot because of the lack of vignetting

This is the lighthouse at Brockton Point. These silly seagulls kept trying over and over to land on the top of the lighthouse, but it was really slippery and they would just end up sliding off. Super humorous to say the least, and again as shot here.

This was a raven hanging on some beach art at English Bay. I love how the fog turns the background bokah into nothing. I hope to run about again tomorrow morning as well because this fog is sheduled to take off in a day or two.

Beach BBq’s Are Cool M,kay

So yesterday I gathered up my cripple and took her to the beach to join the North Shore Crew in an impromptu beach BBQ!
Josh at the beach
Josh looking confused and scruffy :)

Mmmm.. Beeeefff.

The cheapest and best portable BBQ ever

Shan lookin like a rock star :)

M. doing some off roading :)


Kimli taking an ocean stroll :)

I did come to the sad discovery however that the Apple Store gave me the wrong Macbook (I asked for the middle one and they gave me the lower one, I paid for what i got so i am not really concerned to much) tomorrow i will jet in to the store and see whats what :)

I like trees, but i am not a tree hugger!


I also like blue! and this tree is very blue!