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Why do you take photos?

I like to take photos of things.
Some day the things that I take photos of will be gone.
Some things will be gone sooner than other things.
Somethings just change slightly.
Other things are removed completely from existence.
As though they had never even existed.
With a little luck the photo will always mark that thing into that place and that time, forever.
That in itself is a good reason to take a photo.


Fire truck on main Street!

walking with the kiddo we came across a freshly washed fire truck glinting in the sun!

Fire Truck

Fire Truck

Picking on Complete Strangers

Picking on Complete Strangers Picking on Complete Strangers Picking on Complete Strangers Picking on Complete Strangers Picking on Complete Strangers

Colour In The Hood!

One thing about Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside that is not up for debate is there is a lot of colour if you look for it.






Getting ready to shoot a wedding today!

But I thought I would share a photo from Monday.

Super moon means super tide

Baby Shoes On the North Shore!

Yup never worn baby shoes 4 sale!! I have so many questions about this… :)

Camera: Leica M9 Aperture: 2.0 Shutter: 1/250 Lens: Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2 ISO: 160 Date Taken: Dec.02.2012

A Somewhat Long Walk For A Morning Coffee.

A couple of time a week I will wander over to the railtown JJ-Bean for a morning coffee. I as always take my camera and I always try and walk a different route. Today I decided to walk the long way around only to discover that the railtown JJ-Bean is closed today for renovations. I in fact even knew this… It was plastered all over the door and counter for at least the last week…. I even read it and made a mental note that they would be closed…. I remembered none of this till I got there. :) I instead walked to the Hogan’s Alley over in china town and these are the photos.

Clark & Hastings

Photos of people

Sleeping In A Library