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So I have a fear of singing in public and I would include just about everything and everyone as being part of public. In an effort to get over my fear of public singing etc.. I made a video of me, a jerk with a camera, singing a Phillip Roebuck song.

Being that I am not the best singer I thought I would at least make the video really pretty. :)

Jenna Mack – Thank You

Just a quick cut of my friend Jenna playing one of her original songs. It’s Awesome!

Tilt Shift Walkabout

So a while ago I rented the 90mm TS-E for a particular shoot and while i had it I wandered as much as I could. I love the focal length I love the tilt shift  I did however wish the lens was L series glass. All in all fun!

Night Time Photo-walk


Kissing Couple At Sunset

Snagged this photo while wandering the new convention centre.

Bought a New Awesome Guild Guitar

Bought this babe for cheap of the craigslists! Literally this is worth like twice what I paid for it.  It is well worn in just how I like guitars :) Sounds Amazing!!

Snow Stuff

Getting things together for this years Culture Crawl I have been sorting though the vast back catalog that is my photo drive I have been collecting a large number of snow photos it would seem.

Snow Stuff

Snow On Cars

I am thinking about snow

Alley Walkabout at night