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Picking On Complete Strangers In Black & White






Picking On Complete Strangers – In Black & White








Birds On a Wire!

Indie I Do was this past weekend which had us as always busy and having a blast :) The show was on Saturday and was as always a great success but we were basically full on exhausted on Sunday and spent the day watching BBC documentaries and Movies. TOday is a day in which I must take all of the household/office things that were torn apart for the show and put them back together! Not an easy task to say the least. So here you are Birds on a wire.

I am reminded of an article i read about arranging birds on wires as musical notation.

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

Picking On Complete Strangers with A Digital Holga

Just some more Digital Holga stuff. Neat lens but it is horribly slow. I am guessing even after I modded it is sitting at f/22ish (light meter battery is dead so I can’t confirm). Seriously in daylight (granted it was a typical grey vancouver day IE:dark) I was at ISO 2500 & up pulling shutters at best of 1/60th to 1/30th.

Wander to the mail

More photos from yesterdays walkabout

Walk About to pick on some people

It was a nice day today so I went out for a walk. There were so many busking folks out today so there was plenty of music to guide me along :)

Jerk With A Camera

Picking On Complete Strangers

Just from a walk to gastown the other day.

Just A Jerk With A Camera playing a guitar

This is an instagram that Shannon took during last rehearsal. I liked it so I stole it.

I am not a drummer…..

…but it would seem that I try anyway :)

Yup – Not A Drummer