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Birds On a Wire!

Indie I Do was this past weekend which had us as always busy and having a blast :) The show was on Saturday and was as always a great success but we were basically full on exhausted on Sunday and spent the day watching BBC documentaries and Movies. TOday is a day in which I must take all of the household/office things that were torn apart for the show and put them back together! Not an easy task to say the least. So here you are Birds on a wire.

I am reminded of an article i read about arranging birds on wires as musical notation.

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

Picking On Complete Strangers with A Digital Holga

Just some more Digital Holga stuff. Neat lens but it is horribly slow. I am guessing even after I modded it is sitting at f/22ish (light meter battery is dead so I can’t confirm). Seriously in daylight (granted it was a typical grey vancouver day IE:dark) I was at ISO 2500 & up pulling shutters at best of 1/60th to 1/30th.

Wander to the mail

More photos from yesterdays walkabout

Walk About to pick on some people

It was a nice day today so I went out for a walk. There were so many busking folks out today so there was plenty of music to guide me along :)

Jerk With A Camera

Picking On Complete Strangers

Just from a walk to gastown the other day.

Just A Jerk With A Camera playing a guitar

This is an instagram that Shannon took during last rehearsal. I liked it so I stole it.

I am not a drummer…..

…but it would seem that I try anyway :)

Yup – Not A Drummer

My Friend Lisa News!!!

…this is a repost from the the MFL website

We had mentioned this on twitter but we have been so busy I forgot to mention it on the blog. My Friend Lisa is no longer just a duo! We have welcomed Renee (keys) & Lani (violin) into the fold!! We are still finding our footing with all this but have a listen to our off the floor cuts from last nights studio kitchen rehearsal.

Our favourite song ‘London’
My Friend Lisa – Dec.14.2011 – London

And our complete failure at playing Smashing Pumpkins Disarm.
My Friend Lisa – Dec.14.2011 – Disarm
I personally blame the kettle boiling over at that exact moment. :)

Not perfect but we have only played together a couple of times so I figure we are on the way to AWESOME!!

Redscale Images from Tofino (well really Ucluelet)

So right before the crazy of Culture Crawl we headed out to the west coast for some scouting and what not.  Here are some Redscale images from Ucluelet

My favourite is this last one.