There are two things that are really particularly awesome about these photos… One is the Harley Davidson & naked lady stickers on the rear window, the second is the owner of this Harley Davidson/naked lady sticker laden Suzuki mini truck came up and enthusiastically talked to me after I took these photos. He was very excited that some was potentially interested in buying it from him.  He told me all the ways that you can make money with the vehicle including hiring it out as a mini dump truck for hard to reach places. Now what was awesome was the man was decked out head to toe in leather/denim Harley Davidson swag. He was “asking 7 for it” and that I should tell all my friends who might be looking for a career change that this was a really fantastic way to make “tonnes of cash!” I heart random people stopping and talking to me because I have a camera.



We went for coffee with a bunch of photographers this morning and somehow managed to drink four really strong Americanos in a row on an empty stomach so I am basically all over the board right now being totally unable to concentrate on much for more then a few seconds at a time.  Which is weird because after high school I assumed that I drank too much coffee and broke all the effects that caffeine had on me. So for many years I would drink coffee and not have it really do anything other then taste good. So this is a bit of a surprise and it is also a bit of a trip down memory lane to be buzzing on caffeine again. I am serious that it has been since I was in high-school that I was buzzing on coffee! FUN!!! I WANT TO DO SO MANY THINGS RIGHT NOW BUT I CAN’T BECAUSE I CAN’T CONCENTRATE ON ANYTHING FOR MORE THEN 3 SECONDS!!!! :)