This month is going to be an unbelievably crazy month for me I think.  It is historically a crazy month but this year is going to be even more so.  November is when we wrap up the year’s weddings and album orders etc. and we are often left scrambling to meet random x-mas deadlines.
We are also getting our stuff together for a wedding show next week.  Which seems like it should be easy but never really is.

It is the month that we have our end of season photographer bash, which takes up a surprisingly large amount of time in prep and planning. We are desperately trying to finish all the renovations on the new studio, which is taking about 9 times as long as originally planned.  I spent the weekend tearing large portions of the office apart to paint, mount, and clean, only to have to try and reassemble it at 4:30am in some sort of ‘quiet’ fashion as to not annoy my neighbors too much. The office portion of our reno is nearly finished. The studio area is also nearly completed with a fresh coat of white paint and a whole wall of dark black chalkboard paint. However, the home section of our place is in shambles right now, and will take a crazy long time to sort out.

My entries for the scenes form a movie is coming together in concept although I am most likely going to be rather late on the actual completion.  I hope to some how rock that next week between things, but I am skeptical that will work with this crazy assed time line.

It is Movember, that which despite my inabilities to grow a Mo I am giving it a whirl.

We are trying to launch the other half of the business this fall which means new website and branding etc.

We are co-planning an Indie Wedding Show in the new year so that needs a website.

As mentioned before I am participating in NaBloPoMo, although I blog nearly everyday in the winter so that isn’t a huge stretch.

What will be a stretch for me is NaSoAlMo (National Solo Album Month) that I am going to do my very best to complete.  Coming up with the song portion will be reasonably simple, the lyrics and the singing part?  Not so easy. But like most things I will do my best to persevere and be happier for it.

We are headed to Tofino for the long weekend, because we have time or money for such adventures. :)

It is also the time of year that I end up inevitably starting new projects and dream about working on “The Big Surprise”. I am also trying to plan a few shoots to update my fashion/headshot book as well.

Not to mention that there are a couple of curtains at IKEA that are just begging to made into an awesome hot dress.

All that is over and above my regular work stuff and almost all of it is before the 15th


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