Our Weekend Trek to the Sunshine Coast

So almost on the spur of the moment we decided to road trip  up the sunshine coast and stay at the genius campsite that we found last year.

sunshine-coast - Packing

I tossed a bunch of stuff together, we loaded up the xterra and off we went.

sunshine-coast - Campsite

After a leisurely drive we found our campsite! (the exact same one that we had before) and I was a burly man and made fire.


This tug took at least 30 min to make it from one side of our view to the other.


there was a great many signs telling us to do things and not do other things.

sunshine-coast-Xterra View

an awesome view that we discovered on random deactivated forestry roads.


Awesome mail boxes that M wanted to steal.


random disused parking lots with many overgrown signs painted on the walls.

It was a super relaxing weekend.  we were only gone for around 24 hours but it honestly felt like almost a week! You must be in relaxtown when that happens :)

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