Sunday Sunday Sunday

Well it is now Sunday and here I am spending what would be a fantastic and warm spring evening inside a stuffy cubical with the whirring of computers tapping of keyboards and the drone of white noise generators. Yup you heard right! White noise generators. You see large corporations bring in these experts to their offices to make the noise level not so loud, and they do this by installing a device that will sit and murmur to its self to drown the other noises in the office. Weird stuff, but I guess that they work though I have been told. So I am super stoked about the print that is going to be on display at the art gallery, I know that there is also ninety nine other photos that are going to be on display that the gallery as well but that in know way makes me less stoked about it. I am going to shamelessly plug it now and encourage every one to waddle they way down to the art gallery and see it and the 99 other photos, but to also vote on mine. I have no idea what the prizes are for being the audience choice as it were but it would be to cool to win.

On another note I had an engagement session with a prospective bride and groom today. We went to the legislature grounds and wandered about for a while it was a lot of fun. I realized that even engagement shoots are a lot of fun. I love taking photos and tiring different things with different people. The fun is in that everyone is different and has their good and bad faces that both creep in for a moment and then are gone. It is these good face moments that you have to catch and they are quicker then you can imagine. The fun of it is learning to anticipate the movements of people and being ready to capture the moments that are there, It is putting them into the correct scenarios and settings to have them naturally come to there own good faces and then be there to grab them. I kinda think that is like being a pick pocket (not that I am or ever have been one) you have to see opportunity and with quick and fluid movements you grab the picture/wallet. No I am sure that this all sounds hookey and what have you but it is so true. It is the same as street photography you shoot and you watch and you look like a fool wandering around with a camera to your eye but man o man it is so unbelievably fun. It is getting to be nice weather again (our second spring you might say) so I am hoping that there is more and more people on Whyte ave. Cause I really wanna start shooting more street shots of crazy consumers and hippies and random drunkards all squeezed in to a small space. It will be fun. I am thinking that I may try shooting some night photography of the bar yahoos on Whyte ave on a Saturday or something.

I have been here for almost 2 hours and I have taken four calls, you wanna know what else is really cool about days like today? I am making around a 180 bux to do this. Man O man I love Sundays.

So I have been here like 4 hours now and I am getting on average a call every half hour :) You do the math. So I have caught up on a few things and I am kicking ass on Defend your Castle (A flash game.) Now I am going to sort my email and work on a few other things :) 180 bux to do what I would normally be doing. Maybe I will read some indecline w00t!