So I have been a busy beaver I tell you. I have been working a bit more the normal this last week, I have been tiring to get this wedding finished, I had an Engagement shoot That I also need to finish, and I have been working with a new model. All taking up a lot of my time which results in me not blogging :) So here I am at work blogging as per usual, you know firing down random thoughts while I am interrupted by callers both on the work phone and my cell phone. I am very sleepy I think the plan is that we are going to go to a bar and watch duke’s band tonight I just told Miranda That I wanna get drunk to which she replied ok whatever. The truth of the matter is that I will end up having one beer and complaining about how I am tired and I wanna sleep. I am such an old man sometimes :) I was going to have a photoshoot with Swiftys tonight but that has been postponed till Monday. Ya nap when I get home :). Miranda and I are planning on going to Calgary & Banff next weekend for a minitrip. We actually used to go to the mountains all the time but my job last summer kinda prevented us from going out on weekends, and we haven’t really gotten back into it since. So this will be a lot of fun I think a nice break anyway :) I am super excited to spend a day in Calgary again. There was a lot of things that I hadn’t had the chance to see the last time I was there and this would be a great time to revisit :) well as long as it inst snowing as it is supposed to this weekend stupid Alberta Weather (insert your I think Alberta sucks ass comments here) Not to mention this is the perfect time to drive to Banff it is pre crazy tourist season but it is still all right time to be there :) Things don’t get much better then that. I am thinking that we will have to do a lot of stuff this summer before we go to Van next year cause in not so long these great Alberta sites and sounds will be gone from reach oh shit I forgot the sarcasm tags These great Alberta sights and sounds are going to gone from reach Actually all sarcasm aside I wouldn’t mind firing down to Drumheller and checking it out one more time before we leave Alberta perhaps this summer if the weather is nice one week of my weekends.

People cant Count in Alberta If I ask you for your ten digit telephone number would the correct answer be
A: 555-8741
B: 8658
C: hi my Name is bob from Milllit
D: 780-555-5457

I am going to do a little study I think where I count the number of people that give me stupid comments to questions and see what the numbers are.

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