….but when it is a full day of it (and i went to bed at 3 or 4ish last night) it can be quite tiring. So words you don’t get, photos you do.

Well I guess some words you might get. Polapremium tomorrow!! (I am little sad that I am no longer the number one result on Google for that term) That is exciting I think! I am shooting in studio again for the better part of tomorrow so I will likely miss the grand launch, which will be around 2pm to 3pm if my math is right :) I have decided that I can’t wait the two weeks or so for Cypress to open so I am going to fire off to Whistler on Sunday for early season fun.  I think the mountain opened today if I read their awful, confusing, lacking relevant information, website correctly. Seriously, perhaps I was drunk or something, but I had to search for a long time to find out how much a one day lift ticket was.  Saturday is a Downtown East Side photo walk (thanks to Potter for setting that up) and a bunch of work for me, but otherwise I am hoping to get caught up on life and start work on new projects and super surprises for the new year!!  Tomorrow night is a busy one, everyone and everything seems to be doing something tomorrow night.  There is a Movember party at Caprice, the Hanson Brothers are playing the Anza Club, there is a Photographer Studio Opening, Gastown Shop Hop and about 6 other things that I keep getting invited to. I am running out of time so ya my no words for you has turned into a long ass post.