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So here it is. Let me lay the scene out for you. I am sitting in my office working away; I am listening to The Get Up Kids. For those not in the know The Get Up Kids ROCK and all should give them a good listen. So I have them turned up really loud as I am known to do with the crazy Emo Bands. But I can still hear this underlying sound or sounds as it were. So the song hits a slower mellower part and I can really hear this commotion so I stop the tunes and Listen. Long story short there is an Strike taking place kitty corner from my place. The Stats Canada Workers are striking and getting everyone that is driving by to honk there horns and they are yelling and they are getting everybody’s attention for sure. So me being me I grabbed my camera and went down stairs.

On an entirely different note we watched Ghost World last night. That was another truly fabulous movie, by all means rent it is you can. I went to Rodger’s with the intent of renting Zoolander on the expert advice of Jodie and Per. So after wandering around the store for 10 min I decide to ask if they even have the movie, which they didn’t, so I had to get another movie. One of the draw backs of refusing to know anything about any movie that is out, Upon writing this I realize that most of you haven’t heard my tirade about movies and my refusal to know much more about them then the title. Well here it is. I refuse to know anything about a movie simply because I feel that prior knowledge of the smallest details ruins a film. I hate to watch trailers and If I do see a trailer I would prefer to not see the movie for a long time so all memory of the events contained within are forgotten or at least very fuzzy. This is a neat way to watch a film and I totally recommend it to anyone to try. This is the same reason that I don’t get into the nitty gritty details about the movies that I enjoyed, simply cause I want you to take my word for it. One draw back to this system as it were is that when left to my own devices I am sorta lost when it comes to picking a movie. So here I am, wandering around Rogers video for a half hour before I am getting ready to blindly grab whatever is on the wall and going with it, when I see Drew and Tom. They happened to be in need of a movie as well so they gave me one of the “We have both seen this but it is a good movie” hand me downs and well that was Ghost World. And it was a good movie. There now that I have wasted your time and told you nothing that you really wanted to hear I will move on to this weekends upcoming festivities. I simply can not wait until Saturday. I sort of feel a tad giddy about it in fact. I don’t really know why But it is shaping up to be a good time, a lot of people are confirmed to be coming and It should be a good time. Any who I am going to get back at it.

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  1. Hey man, ya, Ghost World is an awesome movie! Have you ever seen the movie Black Cat, White Cat? It is one of my favorites, in fact it is probably my most favorite movie of all time. It can be a bit hard to find, but Alternative Video would probably have it. Is Alternative Video still around these days? That place ruled! We have a similar store called Black Dog Video which has a black dog shaped sandwich board outside much like the Black Dog pub on Whyte Ave. It’s really strange. But anyhow, ya, I can’t say enough good stuff about Black Cat White Cat. I think Miranda would dig it as well. If you do see it, let me know because there are some sneaky stories about that film that make it even more interesting once you’ve watched it. I won’t say any more though.

    And I’ll shut the hell up now.

  2. Just checked out the Get Up Kids, they’re pretty cool. Have you ever listened to a band called Superchunk? The guy totally sounds like the singer from Superchunk. I was thinking that and then I went to Amazon to see what the GUK’s had released and there was a comment about the guys sounding like the guy from Superchunk. Pretty weird eh?

  3. Looking through your mp3 picks of the day and was surprised to see the title “Death Cab for Cutie” which is originally a Vivian Stanshall song released in 1967 on the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band’s album – Gorilla. Considering the eclectic mix of mp3s listed on your site I thought this might be the original song (which I have not as yet ever heard, but have played it with Jerry Jerry many times) I realized immediately this was not the case and, of course, I must now go find the song in our library. Perhaps I’ll send it to you for the “six degrees” wierdness factor if I can find a copy.

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