I had to do a spot of running around today, so with camera in hand I started walking west to Clubcard.  Today was one of those days that I really love to photowalk about, I know that sounds silly being that it was all rainy and cold today, but I really love photo walking around in wet and rainy weather.  The light always ends up being soft and utterly brilliant. People tend to stay indoors because water is evil and something that is to be avoided or at least that is the way it would seem. The streets are reasonably empty, and those that are out and about tend to have their heads down, and care not what you might be up to with that camera.
This photo I actually took from the hip without really caring or thinking or incidentally even looking, and some how it ended up being my favorite shot of the afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Running Errands In The Rain.

  1. sweetness.. i think there needs to be a group – hip shooting.. i’ve got some faves from that angle too! :)

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