So tonight I thought that the best cure for insomnia would be to go out and take photos all night.  I am not really an insomniac I just pretend and then use it as an excuse to sleep 3 hours and call it good J The crazy thing about night photos is that you don’t take a lot.  The shutters are so long and the write times to the card (with noise reduction on) are horrendous, but the way things look is so surreal that it’s cool.  I was out last night for 3 hours and I came home with about 125 photos which is a crazy amount for a night shoot. Now compare this to yesterday morning when I was out for about the same time only other people were awake as well, and I shot about 900 photos. (Now do you understand why we have 4.5 terabytes of live HD space?)  I think I am going to make a book about the world at night. God knows I have enough photos of places in the middle of the night. In fact I just love tromping around in the dark and with a camera I have an excuse.  I wandered around Stanley Park for most of the evening, with a quick jaunt down to the bridge.  Man can they hurry up and fix the lights on that damn thing.  One of the pillars wasn’t even light and one out of every four lights on the cables is lit, the rest are missing or burnt out. Horrible I Say! I assume that when they are completely done the retrofit they will look as making it pretty again!  I scouted a wicked wild place to take some photos of the bridge at night. So I will have to wait I guess.) Anyway I should really go to sleep now.


Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark II
Aperture: 8.0
Shutter: 1/100
Lens: EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM @ 170mm
ISO: 50
Date Taken: March.26.2007


Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark II
Aperture: 2.8
Shutter: 1/5
Lens: Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM @ 18mm
ISO: 800
Date Taken: March.26.2007

Did I mention that I love night photos!!