I have found over the years that my best photos have been lucky. I happened to be there at that time and have a camera ready to go. And WOW look at my luck!y

What it took me way too long to realize is that I wasn’t just lucky, I was doing everything in my power to maximize the opportunity for luck. I’ve spent more hours on the ‘hunt’ for a photo opportunity then I can even count, I would cover as much ground as I could to increase my chances of ‘getting lucky”! Or I would see a potential photo opportunity and then wait and wait and wait for all the stars to align. So while I have been “lucky” a lot over the past 18+ years, it is because I have done everything I could to get lucky :) 

Covid-19 is hard as I am not out in the world so my ‘luck’ has been down so to speak. I would have to say though that my “success’ at being ‘lucky’ is by being constantly out in the world.