This is a photo from a walk down to Crab Park the other week with Doogie the Leica M-D (typ 262) I call this Social Distant Beaches. :)

The crazy thing about this photo is that it is totally normal now to see folks all sitting apart and keeping space from each other. I was talking with a friend about this time that we are in and basically how he is coping with all this is that in order to keep perspective, he keeps imagining talking about this time in the context of sending a message back in time, and how strange it would all be to those in the past.

An amazing short that Julie Nolke created to basically explain all of what I am trying to say!

If you you were to think about talking to yourself even 4 or 5 months ago about what we are doing right now and how super super strange it would sound, you can get perspective on how in fact super strange it is to be living in this time, and if you can constantly remind yourself just how strange this is then you don’t fall into the trap that this is just normal.

I will admit that I have sort of just found this to be all the new normal the past while. To the point that when Koa’ Doogie, and I went for a walk on Friday and there were people at the restaurant patios everywhere and folks just being you know 10% of what used to be normal, I was freaking the fuck out for a moment. I can’t even begin to think about just being back in the land of real normal right now even one bit.

I probably don’t have to worry though as it will be a very long time until things around here are back to actual old school normal as we decided last week that I am going to stay on leave from work for the foreseeable future and just be a pappa/school teacher/house husband which has been my new normal for a lot longer than the pandemic :)