In the morning o ‘loose use of the term, it was like 10 am while still technically morning, you are well on the way to the afternoon at 10’ we went for breakfast with Kimli, Ed, Josh & Shan, at Hells Kitchen on 4th. Awesome place for the late b-fast and the waiter sang Bon Jovi and talked about Transformers, good times indeed, after we had an engagement shoot at Granville Island but not until two, so we drove. We went up Cypress Mountain cause that is a good way to waste time. Driving up there was a speed trap at about the half way point. (they didn’t nail me even though I was seriously hauling ass up that mountain) so on our way down I thought I would do the good deed of warning people that there was a speed trap by flashing my lights at oncoming traffic. (just like my mommy taught me) so on our descent, after the cops were out of sight in my rear view I started flashing at the first vehicle I saw. You know how it’s hard to judge some times how fast oncoming traffic is coming till they get really close well this guy was going so fast that even at a distance you could see he was seriously speeding hard core, So I flashed my lights…. It’s obvious that he hasn’t slowed down, I flash again and this time he flashes back at me… only his flashing lights are red and blue!! I was alerting a cop to a speed trap!! He didn’t pull me over but I still felt foolish.