So today was really uneventful not that its a bad thing to have an uneventful day :) Well for starters it is Sunday and nothing really big happens on a Sunday. Miranda & I got up around 10ish & spent the morning downloading mp3’s and talking about how we should do our business when we move to Vancouver. I am so pumped about it and it sounds like Miranda is too. I just hope that her enthusiasm lasts. I am sitting in a hair salon right now waiting for Miranda to get her hair cut and coloured. So other then being totally bored things are cool. I have decided that I am going to laugh at lot more, because I feel that it one of the keys to happiness. I mean with in reason and all I wont just start laughing at nothing, more so that I will laugh at the things that I find funny. Before I would often find things quite humorous but would only laugh to my self about them. I think that if I started to express that things are funny by laughing it would contribute to my personal happiness. But beyond that it is reading week an as I said yesterday this is really neat for me. I guess it is the small pleasures that get me. All when I was growing up and everyone I knew was in university, they always raved about reading week. k Miranda is starting to get her hair cut now so I will Sign off for a while. Oh well I guess she doesn’t want me to watch so will continue rambling along here. Looks like Miranda is going red or something although she wont tell me what she’s up to. He he although I am sure it will look awesome..