So today started out mostly

So today started out mostly uneventful with the alarm clock going off at the unheard of hour of 7:30AM. I mean really what would or could posses an individual to decide that this is that good hour to start business little loan consciousness. (I am not really a morning person just in case anyone needed to ask.) The worst part about mornings I think is the fact that I don’t usually do anything till at least 10:00 Am anyway so why not get out of bed at 9:56AM and start the day on a good foot. For the odd instance that I am getting up early I usually just sit around and get increasingly more tired, while I wait for stuff like my day to happen. It is a weird thing really I mean regardless of what time it is that I have gone to bed I have a hard time getting up early. For example last night I went to bed at around 4 AM and got up at 7:30 that is about three and a half hours sleep and today I am dead. Now take the scenario of me going to bed around 6AM and getting up at 9AM That is much more effective for me really. Well maybe it is all in my head. Who knows? So any ways back to the reason that I got up at 7:30 this morning. The Golf needed new tires put on the front. So the only time that we could feasibly get this in at the tire shop was at 8:00 AM. Yup you heard me right 8:00AM!!! Ok fine I will just zip down there we get them to put the tires on the car and I am home by 9:00AM sounds good right. Make it seem almost like it didn’t really happen it was all just a dream, at least this is the plan. So we get down to the Canadian Tire to have the tire changing action take place. Miranda was all smart and phoned ahead and made an appointment and such, so we thought that this was going to be painless. J Well that is where we were wrong. So Up to the front counter of the Service counter we stroll and there we had the distinct displeasure of talking to Steve the counter person. Not in Steve’s defense he wasn’t really that clever which there is nothing really wrong with. I mean there are not very cleaver people all over and they are all right but our interactions with Steve just basically set the Canadian Tire adventure of on the wrong foot. The first indication we had that Steve wasn’t really clever was the fact that after telling him our phone number 3 times he still got it incorrect. This resulted in him half making a service under another person for a car that we didn’t have. After that was straightened out, we then moved on to the next somewhat seemingly impassable hurdle in our transaction, the license plate number. Now Steve asked what our license plate number was, and we replied with you I don’t really know. “Oh” he says ok and continues on with the service order. About 20 seconds later he asks again “What is the License plate number” and we told him again that we didn’t know. “Oh” he says again and continues. Then again he asks so what was the license plate number “again”? Again! We hadn’t given it to him to begin with, so how is it that he would be asking for it again? So after a conversation that consisted of us explaining to Steve that we still didn’t know the plate number of the car and him asking for it a few more times we had the work order signed and we were in business. Now again in defense of Steve he wrote on the top of the work order in large quite legible writing “8:00AM Appointment” and “Customer waiting.” One would think that this would be a note to the service technician or one in control of the work order. BUT as we found out it was most likely an offering to the “Tire Repair God” of sorts because I really don’t think that anyone else of the mere mortal varity was really reading it. In other words the “Simple” tire repair took almost exactly one hour and forty-five minutes. At least the is how long it took us to ask twice about the repair and bitch about it twice. What was the hold up you ask? Well it would appear that when we entered the building today there was a sign on my forehead that said “CONSUMER”. They were writing up quotes for repairs on the car that had been done 2 months ago. And where fine when I drove the car into the shop this morning. AHHHH Well that is my rant on that I am just upset that it took Two hours and 15 min to do a repair that I used to do in 20 min. Crazy stuff really again in defense of Steve, he might be quite a clever individual and it was just the morning thing getting to me. I don’t know Oh well so the Golf is in tip top shape and the annoying rattle that was there is now gone J (Separating tires tend to do that) Well Thats that.