So Today it looks like all that studying last night may have paid off. The info is still some what stuck in my brain as it really should be :) We are going out again this eve to do some more studying although this time it would appear that there is a few more people that are going to attend. From the sounds of it Robin, Lesley and Shannon May come out so we should get a bunch done Ya. Other then that my drama assignment has been pushed back again to Monday, which really rocks, because that is something that I haven’t had the opportunity to much on. And the art history is looking a little less intimidating the it had before. I am still at school right now, and I may be here for a while I don’t know. I have no inkling to go home cause M that dear that she is had packed me a bit of a lunch so I am not the least bit hungry. Although, I don’t really know what I will do here. If I was to go home I most likely would be doing stuff on the computer that Wouldn’t really be beneficial to studying LOL Any way this is really not that beneficial either so I will get to doing something else.