So today I didn’t do much Miranda and I slept in till like 11am. We had Breakfast and drove around a bit looking at peoples backyards and Decks looking for Ideas for our house. We went and drove by the show home again just to see it and talk about ideas for our yard and Deck when we finally get the house. We most likely wont even be looking for another 4 to 6 months yet, then another 9 to 12 months to build and bango we are in a house that is very cool. That is the plan anyway :) So I am at coffee right now writing this jazz it is very late and I should go home and sleep or something but I am not really tired at all Oh well Today was also day six of my Sun spun carrier It was all cool I filled an order for Keegan’s today although I am not sure which one it was the south side or the north side but it was for Keegan’s none the less. Any way I am going to go home now and maybe sleep :)