So MMMmm Well Its Saturday and the sun is shinning and everything is joyous Yaaaah. Well I Have decided that I am into mountain biking all hard core like. I went out on Thursday after I posted here and rode to my school to pay my Arts deposit. After that I kinda went a little crazy I road all over the place. to downtown and back like 6 times all through out all the biking trails and stuff. Just all over the place I most likely bike like 30 to 40 km. Really crazy for a big bellied out of shape guy. I did have one mishap I kinda went over my handle bars on this hill and sort of hurt my leg a Little you know how that is. So I was limping about and screaming in pain and having to ride home yet thinking hey I have to go to work yet tonight I walked on it for a while and eventually came to the conclusion that work wasn’t really going to work out if I couldn’t walk well. So I called in I really didn’t want to but I did. Oh well so Miranda and I went out and about on Thursday and did some driving around and then we bought a mountain Bike a real cool one with rear and front suspension and quick release tires and seats etc Very cool indeed.
Here is a pic. (I know its not the best angle but I had Food I my hand:) )

SO yester day All I did was ride around on it again it was a day of going up and down hills and in the park this way and that you know having a blast. I went to visit Miranda downtown as well we had lunch at The CRACK CHICKEN I have tasted the crack and it was good. I can see what all the fuss is about. more ridding around and stuff I made a scavenger hunt for Miranda on the bike paths and such using the GPS and the digital camera. Its all cool you have to go and find the pictures using the GPS co-ordinates and this poem that goes along with it. I choose a word from each stop that best describes the area and wrote this cool little poem that will glide you along the way. All the GPS Waypoints are named after a word in the poem. So It is all cool and I thought that Miranda would be excited but she was just like ya I don’t wanna and that sort of sucked I guess. Oh well I guess that’s the way that things go. Any who I am thinking about making Breakfast now and I am not really sure what we are up to today. May be we will go to the Mutart or the Zoo Cept I don’t really want to go to the zoo and Miranda doesn’t want to do the Mutart :) (I don’t want to look at caged animals and she doesn’t want to look at Caged plants) I don’t know we shall see I suppose