So it was a totally super busy month alright, so I didn’t really get around to posting. I couldn’t let the Day of the beast (June/06/2006) go by however without a post or two.

First off,. I haven’t really been doing much shooting out side of weddings this last month, but I do have a photo from a quick off the cuff photo shoot that I did with a new to Vancouver model Sera Lys McArthur.

She is a new Vancouverite having recently transplanted herself from NY. Not much more to say other then I am looking forward to working with her in the future.

In Other news we tore a shutter curtain on our Canon 1D Mark II last weekend, so it has gone in for repair.

It couldn’t have happened at a better time being that we have a break from weddings till the end of the month. I hope that the repair is quick and for a good price. It’s funny actually because the day before the camera became officially ours as I bought out my lease that Friday. Its kinda funny that it tore though, That camera is rated for 200,000 shutters but we are lucky if we are much over 100,000 on that camera. (119,069 Actually I went and looked) It was a super bright day on Saturday and we were pulling shutters of 4000 to 8000 to maintain a shallow DOP so I suppose the strain was too much for it.
This isn’t my first torn curtain however. The Canon 10D tore one in the first 3 days of owning it. (after some yelling at McBain we exchanged it for a new one) so I am kinda nonchalant about it all.

We are getting Telus TV on trial next Tuesday so I will have live TV to go with the entertainment Computer downstairs soon. That means Hockey night BBQ at our house that is if the Oliers don’t choke and loose the series early.

Any way must get back to wedding post work for a bit and then bed for me!