So it has been a few days since I have posted and I have nothing to blame this on except my own laziness :) My Midterms went well well, My Art history one not so well but good enough I think. The Sociology one kicked I bet I kicked ass on that one. I went for my orientation at Value Village and Well that was also cool I mean I think that I will really enjoy working there. the people that I will be working with look pretty cool and my Boss Tara also seams quite cool. I am really stoked about the 50% off on stuff It will be a big adventure to Value Village when I have cash again. :) I am working on my Drama essay today and cleaning up the desk a little bit. other then that not much is going on here. The Cam is still down because I am still looking into other alternatives for my server. My link of the day is this looks like a cool movie and I will see it at my first opportunity.

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  1. Hi there … i read ur last Post and i think u r an artist or some thing like this … well i’m too … i love Photographing and painting … and as a matter of fact im Art Student … HandyCraft … nice to meet u … take care … ByE

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