So I took a break from studying tonight and I watched a movie with the Wife. We watched The Spitfire Grill You can read about it here.
All I Have to say is that man is that a good movie. I really liked it even if it is one of these make you feel Good/Bad flicks. :) Today was a little less hectic the yesterday that is for sure, although I am feeling a little guilty cause I didn’t get anything done really. I guess I need some time to relax once in a while but I just cant help and feel guilty. We ordered Chinese food in tonight and ate that whilst watching the movie. So I would recommend this movie to anyone really I would. So I guess that counts as the link of the day as well Eh! Well I guess the movie had its poor points but they all do, but the good far out ways the bad. Any Way I am off to bed so I will talk at you later.

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