So I Think that my school is finally figured out now. I am enrolled in the general studies program now but my class times kind of suck and I will be jumping from campus to campus :) Or I most likely will be accepted to the BA transfer program if I take a class this summer to get three credits. I will know for sure tomorrow but the lady that I talked to today sounded really confident that a conditional acceptance would be know prob. So that will rock I wont be driving over to mill woods everyday I can bike and stuff good times indeed. Plus I get to be in school for the summer, which totally rocks because I was really missing it. It is really only one class but I think that I will make do He He He I am sure that I am the only human alive that likes school to the point of being ecstatic that it is happening in the summer to.
So I have been so immersed into this PHP code and this ASP Store front shit that my head is going to explode I swear but I found this really cool Asp script I mean it is truly very cool That is all my mp3s that I have on disk in this very cool and handy player /organizer ETC… Very neat indeed So Ya that is the product of my labor for that last little while.
So I am doing laundry and such waiting for some cloths to dry enough to where to get Miranda right away. We are off to do the name registration on Um Ya Media Productions after and then maybe if she wants to come for the drive to Sunspun to apply for this warehouse job that Shannon and Chris work at.
I also hope to get the Ad for distribution next week done (I would have to start it first) tonight, and maybe some more done on the screenplay O doom. Because I need to get it a little bit more concrete before I can really call it a screenplay But it is really coming along great in my head now I am starting to see the character develop into the 3 dimensional characters that I really hope they turn out to be.
Maybe I will try and call john Hawke tonight. Miranda and I ran into him at the Save On Foods on 34th He said that he was going to call but like john he hasn’t. ……
… Oh well he inst listed in the 411 directories. The phone number must be under his girlfriend’s name. Well Anyway today’s song is a fun little number thats called Signal in the Sky By The Apples in Stereo. I have two formats for your enjoyment Streaming MP3 OR Download it here