So I know I said that I would post but it would seem that I have lied. Here it is almost a entire week later and I again have not been holding true to my word about posting on a regular basis. To all I am sorry and I will try to do better in the future. I have been busy you see with business stuff and catching up on photos. In fact haven’t even had the opportunity to read anyone else’s blog either, where does the day go? So Miranda and I are at coffee right now and I am just finishing processing the day’s pictures. Can you believe it I am actually almost up to date on the digital photos. I can hardly remember the last time that I was this on top of my shit. I may be able to get back to a “Pic of the day” like way back when I first started to blog photos. So today I finished up a few things here and there, worked on the website. I haven’t even finished the original site and I am already replacing it with an entirely new design. All this is irrelevant to any of you reading because not only will you not see the new design till it’s done but most of you haven’t even seen the original design to compare. But if you could you would agree that the newer design is a great improvement.
I dropped more framed prints of at ruckus tonight; I meet Dave and signed some contracts and such. So will be 7 prints up there till about the middle of December, which is very cool :)
I talked more the a company that makes signs about getting a rphoto sign for when you come in the door of the place. For those that have seen the digs I would love to have a huge backlight sign that is made out of bronze or copper and aluminum that is an exact representation of my logo for riht when you come in the door. I have been yakking it up with this sign company that makes all sorts of crazy signs but after their initial quote of over a thousand bux we will be looking into more ingenuous ways of doing it our self :) any one have a welder or a cutting torch that they want to lend me:)
I finally got my sunglasses fixed today I have been forgetting to take them in since heritage days, and I finally got them there today I am going to enjoy making that task off as done in Outlook as it has been poping up every damn day. I drove about a lot today and took a few shots from here and there. This one is a shot of a burnt out dumpster in the back alley behind London Drugs on 51st.

Camera: Canon EOS Canon 10D
ISO: 400
Shutter: 1/60 sec
Aperture: f 9.5
Lens: 28-80mm @35mm
Date Taken: Oct 14 2003

But with out a doubt the days best shot is all thanks to the keen eye of my darling Sundancer, who spotted this from the car as we were driving around.

Camera: Canon EOS Canon 10D
ISO: 100
Shutter: 1/200 sec
Aperture: f 11
Lens: 28-80mm @40mm
Date Taken: Oct 14 2003

I like this shot however I am going to return tomorrow to grab some more in the daylight. Well my wrist is killing me from typing at the ridiculously high tables at Keegans so I will leave it at that and stop now.

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  1. I love these pictures! They somehow remind me of fall and the lovely decayed beauty around us.

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