So I have this Sociology paper that is due for tomorrow, and I have just now decided that all the work that I have done on it is total crap and I hate it and I have just deleted it from my computer because it sucked so bad. All gone not that it was worth anything anyway :) So tonight I will be finding a new article (part of the project) and doing it over again. AHHHH. I am mostly just pissed off today because I found out that I have a lower mark in a class then I thought I would and that I only got 16 out of 25 on a drama quiz that is worth about point one percent of my final mark, so I am most likely being really unreasonable but i am absolutely furious with my self over this I mean i should have had a way better mark then that it should be perfect cause I know that I can do it. Maybe I am a little to hard on myself but I have convinced my self that I am going to get 4’s (My school is on a 4 point system so 95% to 100%) right across that board and that this maybe something that I can do. when really it probably isn’t. Just kinda down about it all. O well I guess that is that. On the other hand my search for a job is looking up I got a call from a call center that Miranda applied to for me tonight so that is looking good. I go down there tomorrow with a full resume and check that out. as well I applied at the Value Village today. I hear that they are starving for people Well I am off downtown to pick up my wife and we are off for a quick coffee with our friend Drew at “The House Of Keegans” Oh how I love that place :) Well I will sign of for now I guess