After wanting a Medium format camera for years I bought a used Mamiya RB67 complete with a Polaroid Back! Last night I went out and took some long exposures with Polaroid film :)



As well as night shots, I have taken some Polaroids of random things in our house.


I can also shoot regular film but that isnt nearly as fun as this :)

4 thoughts on “So I got a new camera!

  1. I just scored a couple of Mamiya RB67s myself (w/four lenses, three 120 film backs and one NPC Polaroid back!), but when I tested some Pola pack film I was chagrined to find that it comes out with a big black band…which makes sense I guess, since the film is rectangular, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. Is there some kind of work-around for this? How did you get your Pola shots above to be square/with four nice white borders…? (Did you Photoshop them in??) Help. I have no intention of just using the Polaroid back for “test” shots.

  2. Yup i hate that damn border!! I PS’ed these borders (just grabbed the real border and drug it over) There is a mamiya made polaroid back that sticks it in the centre of the frame as apposed to the one side but they are few and far between. This border actually makes me not shoot polaroid with the Mamiya because it drives me that nuts!

  3. Hi there, found this whilst looking for what films were compatible with the RB67. Love these images, what film was this? And could you let me know which other polaroid films are compatible too? I’m tired of the picture-perfect FP100c! x

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